About Kat

The most important things to know about Kat:

  • Kat is addicted to historical gothic novels. The best romance novels include storms, castles, bat-shit-crazy villains, and a high body count. Oh yes, and larger than life heroes and heroines.
  • She is excessively fond of shiny things. Shiny things not only include gems, glass, and glitter, but anything that is diverting, distracting, or amusing.
  • She is non-functional until she’s had her coffee.
  • Bourbon—to paraphrase Ben Franklin—is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy. Very happy.

Kat Sheridan is a former project manager and business analyst whose very serious exterior hides a secret romantic. She is fond of books, bourbon, big words, coffee, and shiny things. She is known to wear glitter-pink nail polish under her combat boots, when she bothers wearing shoes at all. To be honest, that isn’t very often.

Kat splits her time between the Midwest in the summer and the South in the winter, sharing her home with the love of her life and an exceedingly dignified Shih Tzu. No matter where her body is, though, Kat’s imagination can most often be found on some storm-wracked coast, plotting historical romances that include forbidding castles, menacing villains, and heartthrob heroes. She imagines a world where men are men, and spirited women can conquer even the toughest of them with a sultry glance, a passionate kiss, and a few well-chosen words. Or with a sword, pistol, or jeweled dagger if that whole “sultry glance/passionate kiss” thing doesn’t work too well at first.

As long as everyone ends up happy. And as long as Kat has plenty of shiny things. And bourbon.

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